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Marechiaro Blues in Parco Virgiliano ( a Neapolitan park)


A dive into nostalgia for today’s 40-yr-olds.

Uriah Heep represent a borderline style between the hard rock of Deep Purple and the pseudo-symphonic choice of King Crimson. Marechiaro Blues ’97 has opened like this. At Parco Virgiliano in Naples, like we were once, and Uriah Heep  playing their all-time favourite. From Gipsy to Lady In Black they have been faithful to the genre that, back to the early 70s, made them one of the most popular bands of “melodic rock”. There are two members left of the original line-up (struck by the loss of two members): the drummer and the guitarist Mick Box, leader of the band.

The audience (formed also by youth) was enthusiastic.