Enrico: Your best guitar solo
[Mick Box] there are too many to have a favourite

Enrico: The Heep's song you don't like
[Mick Box] Probably " On The Rebound "

Enrico:  Do you use airplanes to tour Europe?
[Mick Box] Usually we Sleeper Bus on through and fly when it is too far or too inconvenient

Enrico:  What do you do when you’re not touring?
[Mick Box] Playing with my son 

Enrico:  If you wasn’t a guitarrist, what job would you have liked?
[Mick Box] Footballer for Tottenham Hotspur Football Club 

Enrico:  What  does family mean for you.
[Mick Box] Everything 

Enrico:  An advice for a  young one                                                                                                        (Mick Box] Believe in yourself and always do the best you can.         

 Enrico:  An advice for an older one.
[Mick Box] You can achieve all you want as long as you have a strong mind and the joy of life 

Enrico:  Do you have to thank someone?
[Mick Box] My mother 

Enrico:  Do you feel as a mithos?
[Mick Box] No 


         This is Mick, a Great man!